How do i fix over bleached haie ?

i have resently bleached my hair about7 times (yes i know YIKES) but how can i make it healthy
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omg!.. 7! and I thought I was bad by putting 5 on
anyway's I use this stuff it's called Miracle hair insurance leave-in-conditioner and I also use wash out conditioner for dry/damaged hair I also got told by a hair dresser that hot oil helps and she's been working for 40 something years!..

(p.s I've got mine cut to my chin I also would get it cut if I was you)
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dont die it anymore! lol well dont bleach it my hair is naturally brown and when i was much younger i bleached it for about a year it became really brittle because i didnt want to have full on ugly regrowth i dies it auburn brown it looked really great and i think you would look good with it to.

After i dead it brown i didnt die it for another year or so just so my hair could breathe and thank god it didnt look anywhere near as dramatic as brown regrowth with blonde hair i stomped wearing extensions gave my hair a trim combed it not brushed it washes it every second day but would leave my air damp and put morrocan oil through it Wow! seriously it made it look so healthy after the second application and another thing i stopped doing was straightening it my hair got so soft when i stopped now i do it in moderation with a heat protecting spray i have layers and i just grew to love my waves i got much more compliments with my hair wavy and layered then when it was long blonde and dead straight i had hair down to my bum now its about 24 inches long my hair has been growing much quicker since i started massaging my scalp 5 mins a day wearing my hair up alot to protect it from the elements and also hair skin and nails vitamins you can pick them up for like $13 for a couple hundred the brands all do the same thing i use the centovas and their the cheapest i find they work the best i hope this helped and wasnt to long
Good luck xx
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Don't use any heat products. If you REALLY have to, make sure they're on the lowest setting! Get a really good shampoo and conditioner. Try the Aussie 3 minute miracle it does absolute wonders to your hair. And maybe once a week, use the conditioner and put some clingfilm around your head and sleep in it. Don't dye it until it's in a really good state and deffinitley do not bleach it again! When your hair is wet, use a comb and not a brush as a brush can be very harsh and rip your hair. This is from my experience and my bleached hair is in great condition! Hope this helped! :)
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Stop bleaching it! You may want to consider a keratin treatment. These treatments fill the hair with keratin which is what is missing when it is so chemically damages. Make sure to dry the hair before combing to avoid stretching the elasticity any more that it already is. Only use a wide tooth comb or pick to comb it out. Cut off all the dead ends after the keratin to remove hair that was too bad to repair. Replenish moisture loss with a mask but make sure to limit your treatments to once a month as to not over protenize. The hair will suck up the mask because of its suck porous state.
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You have to be very careful with your hair, because it's in an extremely fragile state. If you could look at bleached hair under a microscope, it would look like swiss cheese. In order to try to rebuild and fill in that damage, I would recommend you buy an at-home hair glaze. You can purchase one on Amazon for $7/John Frieda Liquid Shine Clear Hair Glaze. It will make your hair stronger and improve the texture. Absolutely no more hair coloring/bleaching/flat irons, etc. for at least a year. I would also suggest not washing your hair everyday, maybe every other day. I would recommend using a shampoo designed for babies. You could also try washing your hair with conditioner only.
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Stay away from heat tools and harsh dyes for awhile . Use remoisturizing shampoo & conditioner hopefully your hair will be back to normal soon (: Hope this helped . Follow me ?
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