Needng a Makeover!!!!   My Hair For Sure!!!  Please Help......

How do i darken my eyebrows safely ????? thankz for 1 reader sugg't this!! good idea...

I am a dark blonde. I am going to darken my hair either med brown or maybe lowllights bold style in like a caramel. I read to darken my eyebrown to bring out my hazel eyes,good idea!! How do I do this safely??? What do I need to use?
The more readers I receive the more excited I get about making this change!!!
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How fun to make changes that you are so excited about! A temporary safe way to fill your brows in is to use a slant brush with a neutral brown eyeshadow. This gives a more natural effect rather than looking too defined or marked. If your brows are already full to your liking, you can darken them with any hair color. Just make sure not to use a dark or warm brown. A neutral light to medium will be perfect without leaving unwanted warm tones. Make sure not to leave color on more than 10-15mins even if it says to process longer as brows tends to take much faster.
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You can have your stylist darken your brows when you get your hair done. I use tinted brow gel by Anastacia and it works great for me. Check out the brow line by Anastacia.....they have great gels and powders. The brows define your eyes, they can really brighten up your look!
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