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How did i get such a bad hairday and hair cut?!!! need help for me to be my old cute emo look again!

I just got my haircut today and everyone I knew was like, "NO! YOU LOOK SO COOL DON'T DO IT!!!" and I didn't I look like a monster, and hollow's eiv is almost here and I'm going trick or teating as a zombie....and I really wanted my hair to look good......But Now I've gone from my loved, cute emo slef to a nerd mess! And my mom saids I can't get it re-cut! I have my own money and I can pay for it myself but I'm not sure what my mom will say! Please help me to get back on my feet and maybe help me find what I should do!
--That's a pic of the cut I got!
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The bangs are definitely not cut properly! You poor thing. Getting a bad cut is the worse and most frustrating experience. I have actually had a few similar experiences throughout my career believe it or not. Im not sure how you feel about going back to the same stylist but most of the time you have a couple weeks to go back without being charged. I would also suggest calling the salon and letting them know what happened if you are not comfortable with seeing the same service provider.They may be able to comp a redo with a different professional still costing you nothing. If worse comes to worse and you need to do a little snipping yourself, gather all your bangs, make sure you have a clean parting pull then=m to the center of the forehead then turn them all together twice (2 two, 180 degree twists) next cut a straight line and remove the excessively long pieces. This will give you a perfect bang that slightly flairs down on the sides. A full flared bang is not only a very cute scene hairstyle, it is also perfect for the fall season!
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Maybe you could tease your hair up and toss a cute vibrant headband in your hair? Or you could twist your bangs on top of your head and put a cute feather sticking up out of your bangs so it looks like your hair is more colorful.
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It doesn't look bad. You could try a headband or barettes to create a different look.
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Seriosuly your hair is so sass! ^^ It looks kinda like Chihiro's hair from Spirited Away, and that's cool!! ^^

You could go even shorter if you wanted to; I think Hayley Mary Style would look good! Because you've already got those bangs maybe you could trim them to the side and then layer your hair.

Another idea is if you do an aline cut- edgy and feminine.

I hope I've given you some ideas! =) And I'm sorry to hear that you hate your new haircut. (I know the pain... I had a bob and that sucked.. XP) But I highly recommend the crescent (a line)! ^^
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Hayley Mary
A Line cut

In her late teens

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