How change  my hair?

How change my hair?

I have black and long hair i want a change of color and style i never paint my hair? Wath can i do you help me?
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P.s. Black hair is sooooooooooo pretty! :)
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A dark auburn might be cute. I think everyone was created with the perfect color hair for them, but auburn would be cute if you really wanted to dye your hair. (if you are Asian.) if you've got dark skin, maybe some shade of brown would be nice. Hard to say since I can't see a picture, but I'm sure you'll pick a nice color. :)
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If you have never colored it, it shouldn't be too hard to change. I wouldn't go too light too soon. Instead, Id go lighten it up gradually lifting about 3 levels every time. I don't think you will need more than 6 levels of lift total (2 separate applications). Its really hard to say what is the best color for you without a picture but if you are naturally black and lift it up a couple levels, it will be more than enough to have changes your look up. As for the style, long hair always looks good with face framing fringe, medium layers all around and a semi heavy side bang. You may want to post a pic of yourself for more accurate advise.
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Okay, so you don't want to paint it? I don't know anything else.

You could leave it black and do highlights in your favorite color, or a streak. You could cut it into a bob and get bangs, that would be cute.
Or you could cut is shoulder length and put lighter black, grayish, or a color highlight.
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