How can you make your hair look longer?

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Everyone already gave the answers I was going to. But if you don't want to straighten or do clip-ins, you can always do a wig!
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Clip in extensions are always a fast and effective way of adding some instant length to your hair. Straightening also helps as @kksparkel32 mentioned!
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by straightening it, and keeping your hair healthy and clean.. try diffrent shampoos and conditionirs and ask your hair stylest for advice on how to keep it long. Maybe they will show you a certain prudoct that helps. Hope this helps!!!!!
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If you want to have longer hair then here's a rather odd advice that my friend gave me.
Flip your head over for about 2-4 minutes daily. This may sound weird but it tends to stimulate hair follicles by reversing the flow of blood.
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you can use a straightener only if u have curls on ur hair! or else there is no way of making ur hair look longer. If u want long hair , u can do oiling every time before 4 hours of ur headwash!
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If are you looking for a casual look, I love this hairdressing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-CdsxCqYB0 (the video is in Spanish but its easy to follow and the girl doesnt say much rellevant things). I dont know why but i think this hairdressing makes your hair look longer...

You could also try hair extenssions (I prefear the ones with the clip, they won't harm your hair! and theyre eassy to put on and take off, and cheaper!).
If u wanna let it grow, I heard horseshampoo is helpful but I wouldnt try it on my hair! hehe

I hope it will help u :) kiss!
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you can use a straightener. It helped me.
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