How can I stop my hair from going greasy?

How can i stop my hair from going greasy?

I get really greasy hair, so I want to find a way to stop it. It stops me from experimenting with my hair and doing some styles, so I can only have it down, but thatmakes it look worse. What can I do?
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There are several dry shampoos out on the market that really help to absorb oil and refresh your 'do. You may also want to try a more moisturizing regimen for your shampoo and conditioner. I know it sounds like it would make the problem worse however, sometimes the scalp will over produce oil when it is excessively dry. Because it is over compensating for the lack of moist you will notice excess sebum (oil). Mineral based powders are also an effective remedy.
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do oiling everytime before u wash ur hair .... atleast for 1 month . ur hair would get soft and silky , heavy and long!
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Try some dry shampoo. You can buy the powder or spray. It works great to "matte out" the shine. I like Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo but you can pick up any brand at the drugstore.
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