how can i restore my hair ??

How can i restore my hair ??

my hair is almost dead and i dont know how to make it more healty
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First, make sure to trim all the fried unrepairable ends off. Then, I would recommend Bain de Force (shampoo) along with the Ciment Anti-Usure (conditioner) and Force Architecte (mask). Shampoo and conditioner are great for a daily regimen as the mast is good for once a week. Make sure not to over use mask, over proteinizing hair canned make it limp. This brand is a bit on the pricey side but more than worth the investment. It works wonders and is a very effective way to restructure ones hair! I swear by Kerastase when it comes to repairing and restructuring the integrity of hair. Last, make sure to regularly (every 4-6wks) trim your ends to prevent them from splitting or breaking.
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trust me try sunsilk shampoo dream soft it works so fast u will see the differnce by first wash i have been using it from 30 days an my hair are so soft n shiny i love them
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