How can i make my hair when i go out?

i realy realy need help!!! my hair is driving me crazy , i can't take this anymore : everytime i go out it takes hoursss for me to make my hair look a little bit good , it is very messy : it is very but veryyy curly and also very short a little bit under my shoulders and when it gets dry it turns intooo a blownnn and ugly hair so plzzzzhelp girls cuz that issue is very important :)
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Thanks girls .. You realy helped my but just to let you know : hhhh i will never straighten my hair i love my curls … it's just that sometimes they get messy … butt thannk youu for the answers i loved them :)
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u hav great hair but if u want straight hair u shoul buy sumthing like ghds my freind has curly hair and she takes a bit of her fringe and puts a flower in it xx
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If I were you, I would consider having a Brazilian blow out. Check around for specials. The hair salons are all hurting right now, so you should be able to get a good deal. The treatment will smooth your hair shaft and make your hair a lot easier to manage. I would also purchase a good hair serum and that will tone down the frizziness. You can pick one up at the Wal Mart for a few bucks.
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