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How can i make my hair grow faster?

My hair grows at a fairly good rate but I would really like it to grow faster, to boost my confedence a bit.
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Extentions are always a wick fix for adding length in no time. You can also take hair vitamins and try Bosley, Nioxin or Ovacion Cell Therapy as they are all proven to work promptly. Also make sure to cut your ends regularly (every 4-6wks) as this really helps to promote rapid hair growth.
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Just to add to the previous answer, keep your hair trimmed, i know it sounds weird, because thats just making it shorter, you'd think at least. But it really works, just the tips, if they are refreshed often your hair will just grow and grow. Good luck dear!
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1. Eat proteins daily, with adequate amount of iron and zinc.
2.Make sure you meet your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C
3. Take B Vitamins to avoid hair loss
4. Avoid perming, crimping, chemically or mechanically straightening, curling, and bleaching or repeatedly coloring hair.
5. Massage your head with coconut oil twice a week.
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