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How can i make my bangs look good on me?

I had my haircut 2 days ago and it doesn't look good on me. Please give me some advice..
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Hey sweetheart, what i think you should do is wait a little while for your bangs to grow a little and once they get a Bit longer DONT get the CUT Shorter but ask them to take no length of and Point cut the bangs so they arent so blunt. Until then try to train your bangs to part more onto one side. It'll be stubborn for a while so use a clip or bobby pin for a lil. while
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it doesnt look that bad...just try to make different style on dividing them into two and put on it sides or make it wavy...
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swepyour bangs side ways and put hair spray on so it looks good!!
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I wouldn't cut the bangs any shorter quite yet. It appears that you have some curl to them and they will only shrink up and appear less flattering. Instead I would suggest blending them in a little more to your long length so that it doesn't just look like 2 length. You can try blending the bangs in more with the length by adding some face framing layers between both lengths. However if you are not really liking having hair surrounding your bangs already like your bangs, I would just let it be and pin them back into a cute pompadour style until they grow out a bit.
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You can also consider making the rest of your hair shorter & the bangs would go with the overall look more.
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Find some pretty barettes or head band and use the to pull your hair to the side or back, until your bangs grow out & can be worn as a side bang.

#1 pic: bangs pulled back with barettes
#2 pic: Headband
#3 pic: Eventually your bangs will grow long enough to wear as a side fringe
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you could either use straightenres or a round brush when you blowdry to perfectyour look but it does look really nice anyway
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You need to point cut the ends and give then a slight layering so they will be more casual fringy and not school girl. Also finger on some texturizing creme to give them a separated look. Also try shaping your brows and thin them out so they do not connect with your bangs.
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