How can i get thinner/less thick hair? What was wrong with my hair dye?

How can i get thinner/less thick hair? what was wrong with my hair dye?

I have such thick frizzy hair and i hate it.
What shampoo/conditioners will help make my hair thinner?

Also my hair is blonde and i have pale skin, so i really want to dye my hair. I dyed it successfully a light brown it was supposed to last for a few weeks as it was non permanent but it only actually lasted about one week, so i dyed it again with a loreal permanent colour it was supposed to go mahogany but it went dark purple.. What makes are reliable??
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Point cutting into your ends helps to remove excessive weight while creating a nice, light and flowy look. Stay away from thinning or texturizing shears as this creates a ton of shorter layers, frizz and added volume. As for color, it is really hard to recommend and at home brand. It really is a lot more complex than just buying a target shade from the store and expecting true to the box results. You have to take your color history, natural undertones and porosity all into account when trying to achieve a certain look. I would suggest going in to correct it to get you where you feel more comfortable. Once the hardest part it achieved, you can ask your color specialist the best way to maintain her hard work at home. If there is already an accumulation of color on the hair that is much darker than you want, you will have to strip it out and I would definitely not recommend doing that on your own at home.
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Go to your hairdresser & ask to undercut your hair. This will make it thinner. Look for a conditioner with dimethicone in it, to tame your frizzies
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