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How can i get my hair to grow very long? can anyone help me to have very long hair???????????

My hair is like at my shoulders but I can't get it to grow at the pace that I want it to. I always cut my ends, but my hair still grows slow! Help me!
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I would try a keratin blowout treatment. This goes in and patches up the missing holes of keratin causing the hair to become a lot more healthy instantly. Healthy hair grows a lot faster than not so healthy hair. I really think this will help not only for growing the hair out but for styling and maintaining it as well. I promise you will love it!
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Amazon or Whole Foods, etc.
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Thank you very much! where can I buy these vitamans?!
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Hair extensions!!! They have really perfected the technology, so that it doesn't damage your natural hair. If they're too pricey for you, you might have to save up for them. In the meantime, give yourself a scalp massage everynight before bed. This will stimulate the circulation that is providing nutrients to your hair follicles. You can also buy a supplement called BioSil (available online & healthfood store). It's made from silica, which is the building block to our skin, hair & nails. So, give it a try.
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I would first start off with a multi vitamin. Then of course the ol wise tale of brushing your hair 100 strokes a day! It work for me lol
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