How can I get my hair to grow faster?

How can i get my hair to grow faster?

Is there a way I can get my hair to grow 2 inches in the next two months. 2 inches is the length I need to get my hair at the length I've been wanting? 2 months is when I start my new and last school year?
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Normally the hair grows about 1/2" in a month so you will need about 4months to grow 2 more inches. You can try promoting faster hair growth by starting a regimen of hair vitamins or even prenatal pills. I have seen them work wonders. Make sure to also remove any dead or dry ends as this is also very helpful!
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Buy a shampoo on Amazon called F.A.S.T it's clinically proven to make the hair grow faster. Also, give yourself a ten minute scalp massage everynight. The hair also grows a little faster in the Summer. You should have two inches+ by the time school starts.
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