I want that color!!!

How can i get a the red hair colour that shows when you do the make over?

I already told you about my adoration for red hair, I dyed my hair but I don't get the colour of the make over! I want to know if I can reach it without damage my hair.

Thank you and sorry for my poor english.
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You don't have poor English. There are American people, that don't have English as good as yours.

If money is an issue for you, look for beauty/cosmetology school where you live. They will color for $20-$30

Is this the red you want:
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Did you do it yourself? I recommend a color specialist to get a deeper red....your current brown may be why you're not getting the red you want. It may cost more, but will be worth it to get the color you want without damaging your hair.
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i feel that red hair don't suit you at all. your skin is reddish you better keep them natural
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If you are naturally a darker shade, it may be necessary to lift before applying the target red color. The true red tones may not show up if too much neutral (brown) is present. I would recommend going into a specialist to perform the pre-lightening and depositing of the desired red color. Once you are at your desired hue on the previously colored ends, it will be easier to get accurate results on the virgin re growth without a stylists' assistance.
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The first picture is the colour I get when I dye my hair and the second it´s my real colour.
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