How bad would the regrowth be?

Well I really like this hair because it's short and boyish and I kinda think it would suit me... but how bad would the regowth be?
My hair grows fast and I'd just like to know what people think about the regrowth. Let me know!! Get a different cut, or would the regrowth be ok? (I'm not one to maintain a style every month, so, you know XD)

Thank you all so much!!
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The maintenance shouldn't be too bad you will just end up with a longer version of this style and because of all the texture, you will style be able to style it in a fun and funky manner. Regardless, you will have to trim it every now and then just like any other short style. It doesn't necessarily have to be every month but you will have to remove the excess bulk at some point.
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I think the regrowth would be ok because of the layered, choppy look of the style. I do think you would have to maintain it every other month though. You will definitely need some styling cream/pomade to keep the choppy look.
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