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How a matching hairstyle for me?

how a matching hairstyle for me?
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I would suggest adding more choppiness and texture to your bangs and sweep them over to the side to open up your face a little more. As for your length, I would take a few inches (about 4) off the bottom and add some medium layers. Point cutting would be a good option to create a more choppy finish. Because your hair is so sleek and straight, the layers may not show up as much if they are not chop. Layers will help your hair to lay with a little more movement and style instead of just flat. It is necessary to trim a few inches off your length in order to notice your new layers. If you simply add layers without trimming some length off, your ends will just look thin and straggly. Doing this will really add more style and movement to your look.
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black layerd haircuts
I love your thick straight bangs! ^^ They're cool!! if you want you would thin or layer you hair, since it's long you could practically do anything to it. I think layering your hair would look the best; it would give you move volume and would go with your face shape :)
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