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Hey! i am a woman with hair dissatisfaction?

I was born with an unruly mass of curly chestnut hair and yes, I have a love/hate relationship that tends towards the hate side more often than not. I am wanting to change the color, but it's been processed, dyed, bleached, you name it and I'm afraid my little curly brown friends will fall out. Is there such thing as "safe hair color?" Also, if I show you a picture (promise not to laugh) with my mug in it, what color would you suggest I go?
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coconut oil! slather it onto your hair for at least a few hours before showering. this will help your hair get stronger. also i think i rich burgundy colour would bring out your eyes
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If you have done a lot of chemical processing, you really need to discuss your options with a professional hairdresser. I am thinking you could benefit from a protein keratin treatment to help reverse some of the damage. If money is an issue, find a cosmetology school in your area on YELP, you'd be getting the expertise of the instructors, for very little money.
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