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Help with haircut for the new mommy

I have thick, wavy hair. Usually I just shower, towel dry, wait a bit for it to dry and scrunch some mousse/ non frizz syrum and go on my way. I want a change, but don't want to have to spend forever having to get my hair ready in the morning. I am definitely overweight as well- so I don't want to have huge volumized hair and add weight to my look. Suggestions!?

* in picture my hair is still a but wet and weighed down- it naturally has more volume than this.
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I think adding a tint to your hair would be lovely...especially for the summer to brighten up the look a little! I think thinning out the bottom portion of your hair would really help take off the weight from your hair a little. Good luck :)
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Have you considered styling your hair straight? I think a cut with layers framing the face kind of above shoulder length would look really good on you!
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I like the length....you could try to side sweep the bang and add some more layers. You could even do an angled "A-Line" bob, longer in the front and gradually going shorter towards the back. That would still be pretty easy to keep up. Try the "Makeover" tool for some more ideas! Darling picture!
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Have you ever considered getting a keratin treatment? These are semi-permanent that fade out of the hair in about 3-4months. They reduce frizz and allow the hair to lay smooth with lots of shine. The best thin about them is that you are able to let the hair air dry without styling so they are very low on maintenance. I would trim more layers starting at the jawline and add a longer side bang for added style since your regimen for styling it will prevent the shorter layers from shrinking up. I guarantee you will love it!
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thin it out w/ undercutting and grow it out a little bit
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I would consider going to your hairdresser and asking her to do some undercutting, this will thin your hair out and make it less bulky. It will dry a lot quicker after you wash it. I would also suggest a thin fringe bang and pull your hair back into a bun or ponytail. This will simplify your life, so you can focus on your baby.
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I like your hair right now. Maybe adding some highlights around the face would be a nice way to change things up. Waves are always a hot style for summer, so you are already ahead of many of us. Beautiful baby =)
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