Help! What hair style should I go for?

Help! what hair style should i go for?

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I like the length you have but I would suggest more bang.....either a side swept bang or a full fringe would look so cute on you! Blend the side swept bang into 1 side and add some face framing layers. Try using the "Makeover" tool for some fabulous ideas!
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I would go with a mid-length bob and flat iron it. That is a trendy look right now. It's going to be summer soon and you don't want to be hassled with all that hair.
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Its so hard to say without a photo! Its crucial to see the features, skin tone, face shape etc to be able to determine and give you accurate information. Please attach one or give a description and resubmit your question. Thanks!
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I imagine that a cut with layers starting right above chin level would look great on you! It'll add more body and volume, and really give movement to your hair!
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