Help! split ends dilemma!

Help! split ends dilemma!

My hair is very long and it grows really fast, I have it cut professionally, every 6 weeks. However due to my job, I wash it every day, sometimes twice a day. I've used supermarkets special split ends shampoo's/lotions/serums in the past, and all have failed. Any tips out there?
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thanks ladies to all of your replies!! i'll try all of the products mentioned (not at the same time, though. ha) and test what products suits me best! : )
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The real issue is what are you doing to cause the split ends? If it's heating tools like straight iron and curling iron, then you should use a heat protecting product along with a leave-in conditioner.
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Bed head makes an amazing product called Ego Boost. It is a leave in conditioner that you apply to the hairs mid lengths and ends. It basically mends your split ends together until they are cut helping prevent them from continuing to split up the hair strand. You may also want to consider trimming every 4 weeks rather than 6 because of how often you are forced to wash it. Over washing, really dries out our hair causing it to split much easier and sooner than normal.
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Try a reconstructor. I've used the one by Aussie which I really like since it's affordable and conditions my hair really well.
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wow i have the same problem!!
well here is some solutions if you dnt want it to be cut every so often get it cut in layers. the best thing is not to put too many products on our hair you wouldnt if you could see the damage
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I know this is going to sound a little quirky, but I swear it works. Take some grapeseed oil and mix it in with your conditioner. Then condition your hair first, leave it in for five minutes, rinse and then shampoo.
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One of my favorite products for split ends is Kerastase Resistance Fibre Renovating Dual's pricey but it works really well. I just finished my bottle and I loved it. You can also try Tresamme, I believe they have a shampoo and conditioner formulated for split ends.
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