Help should i go back to brown?

Everyone around me likes me blonde but I am tired of the brassy roots, the upkeep and how dry and frizzy my hair gets. I know this is not a good picture so be kind.

Should I go dark or will it look bad? Please advise. Thanks so much!
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I don't think going darker would look bad at all but to avoid shock factor and regret, I would suggest going in with lowlights for now gradually adding more until you achieve your target shade. I whiny a light brown would look nice, help to revive the hair from excessive damage and will flatter your skin well. I probably wouldn't suggest going too much darker then a medium warm brown.
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Dark wouldn't look bad at all. If it's something you're worried about, try going slightly darker with each re-dye until you reach a shade you're happy with. Or add some tones and highlights to a dark shade.
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No, darker would not look bad. You could opt for a darker, golden blonde. The pics I attached are less upkeep because they highlight the blonde and the brown. Try using a deep conditioning hair mask once per week to help with the dryness. I love Kerastase Hair Mask and Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color.
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The blonde is very pretty on you. The roots do not have to be brassy. If you do your hair yourself make sure you are using a high enough developer on the roots to pull them through the brassy stage. Also make sure you only color the roots. There is no need to take the color through to the ends. This is what is causing it to be dry and frizzy. If you are just tired of having to do the roots so often then try adding some warm brown low lights.
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