Help! should i get a hair cut how short what color and what style?

hi everybody as you know summer is on its way and its gonna get hot quick so i want to know if i should get a hair cut and how short and what style, right now my hair is red and long???
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I think it looks great just as is. If you are looking for a fresh summer look, you can go in and add a few copper highlights for brightness and dimension. As for the style, longer side bangs will look good along with face framing layers starting at the cheekbone. This will create more movement and style to your look.
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i think you should get a medium length hair cut it will make you look taller and add sharp features to your face i hope you like the hair i posted the pc of what exactly you should get.
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Yes Layered or just trimmed, your hair is Beautiful! xx
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shoulder length layered
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