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I'm wearing this dress the 2nd wk of April and things are tight money-wise so I have to do my hair by myself. My hair is long (to my elbows) and I'm not too good with bobby pins or curling irons. I thought of leaving it down, but it's a single-shoulder and can you cover up the back like that? Any ideas what I should do? Or have tricks on how to use bobby pins to make my hair stay up?
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I want to thank everyone for the great advice! I did a test run this weekend. The side ponytail seems like the easiest so far, and my hair kept the curl, but it did cover the cool line of the dress. I tried the messy side bun (thanks @BrianaEHernandez), which looks really pretty with the dress. My arms were sore from it haha. Might be because I messed it up the first 2 times because the first time was braided too tightly and the second time it fell out. At least I can skip the gym? @colormered with a little practice, the "X" bobby pin trick worked like a dream. It was the first time that they didn't come out of my hair within 5 mins. Thanks again!
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Beach waves would look cute! You can do it really quickly by using a straightener even.
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If you're going with bobby pins for your hair, try crossing them in an "X" shape to hold the hair in place better. I think a half up half down style would look very pretty with this dress.
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What about an elegant, curly low side ponytail? You could style it to fall on the side of your dress without the strap, creating some balance for the gown. Also, that will ensure that your hair is out of the way for the ceremony and, of course, the dancing at the reception! :)
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Because of the exposed shoulder, I would recommend that you try a messy side bun. I would style it to to the side with a sleeve and leave the other side alone entirely. An easy way to achieve a nice messy bun is to loosely pull all the hair to your desired side and braid it making sure not to use too much tension. once you reach the ends begin to roll the hair upward toward the beginning of the braid. This will provide texture and style. Last but not least secure it using bobby pins by placing them through the bun first then throughout the base (going away from the bun), next flip the pin (so that now it is facing the bun and secure into the bun so that the pin has something to hold onto. This also helps to hide the pins. I hope this is helpful! Make sure to leave some hair out around the hairline for softness. Bangs left out also create a great look.
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I love this look for a wedding. You really don't have to curl it that much....keep the bangs swept to side and just a few light curls on the side will do. Tease the top a bit and secure the sides with a few neutral bobby pins. You could also use a crystal clip of some sort. Easy and perfect look with your dress!
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