hairy situation!

Hairy situation!

i have died my hair about 5 times now and i have oticed it is starting to thin on the sides!:'(
what shall i do?
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Ease up on the chemical processed and deep condition your hair once a week until it begins feeling better and stronger. Using a good strengthening shampoo and conditioner is curtail in restructuring the integrity of your hair. Make sure not to deep condition more than once a week as this can cause your hair to become over protenized and break even easier. Comb damp hair with a wide tooth comp and only use a brush on dry hair.
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STOP COLORING YOUR HAIR! You hair can only withstand a certain amount of chemical treatments before the cuticle begins to weaken and your hair starts breaking off. Each time you color your hair you open the protective cuticle layer of the hair shaft and change what is inside the hair strand. After the cuticle has been opened too many times it will no longer close back and protect the hair. Then your hair will become fragile, dry and easily breakable. I would suggest a good protein conditioning treatment and leave your hair alone for awhile.
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