how cud i manage my curly hairs.its sprial n thin very thick.n soulder length.when i showed my hairs its mr then shoulder ,bt when it got dry they became a shorter then neck.wht i do?
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I would suggest investing in a keratin blowout treatment! This procedure fills the hair' with keratin porting (which is what our hair is composed on) and helps to drop the curl allowing it to fall more true to length yet, soft and frizz free! Its a great procedure and fades out of the hair evenly, helping to avoid any growth lines like straighteners may cause. I guarantee you will love it! It also reduces your styling time and often time doesn't requite much maintenance (even for the most unruly, frizzy, thick and curly heads of hair.) I highly recommend this product with any of the above hair types as it really is a miracle treatment!
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