Haircut suggestions?

Do you have any haircut suggestions for me? My hair is pulled back in this picture, but it is a little bit below the middle of my back. Thank you for your answers!
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What a great canvas you have for a face. Your features are beautiful! I would go for medium layers and trim the ends as needed to remove all dry, split ends. You can also go for a long side bang that connect into face framing layers down to the ends. This will really look great when styled or even when worn naturally wavy. This is a perfect bummer beach appropriate style that is very low maintenance to achieve.
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I would keep the length but maybe go up and inch or two.....You have a perfect forehead and brows/eyes, (that may sound weird) but I wouldn't cover it up with a full fringe. Side bangs or a center part would be my suggestion. I also like the 3rd picture that @GoodFaith posted but with a bit less bang.
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Here are some new trendy hairstyles for Summer that might work for you. If you find a style you like, try to print off a picture; to take to your hairdresser. Then they know exactly what you want (:
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Cut your hair to your shoulders with long layers. That looks good with both curly or straight hair.
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Hmm...I really don't know. I guess I'm open for anything, really.
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maybe you could dye it a little lighter or get highlights
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Are you interested in a shorter style or a medium style?
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It would suit you if it was bobbed short around your face Demi Moore style chick
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