!I am from Ireland so I have fair skin and green eyes and a small face which runs in the family lol!:D I am getting a new hairstyle this week and I just want to get some idea's on styles to go for!I have always had layers and a side fringe and shoulder length hair and my hair is naturally wavy!I don't know if I should stick with the side fringe or change it up or what so any advice on that would be great too!:)I'm going for hair extensions and want to go choppy on top and den longer layers through the length and I also want to go either dark borwn/black or red undertone?so any images of long layered styles with side bangs?and cols that wud suit me wud be soooooo useful right now!im also unsure if my face is round or oval?
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Awwww thank you so much for the pics!I love the color of hair in the first one its gorg and I like the style too!:)I love the length of the Miley one too it wud b cool to have my hair dat long!:DThe second one is pretty cool too its more rock chick kinda look which I like too!I reckon Il bring some of these pics along and the stylist can help me pick the best one!I was gona dye my hair dark but I tink Im gonna go really red like the first pic I love that color!:)Thank you sooooo much for your help!
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hmm don't be worried i am sending some links please visit these i hope you will get something better from there.


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I actually really like the style of the cut in the pic below and the col too!Wat col is this if I wanted to ask for something like this in my salon?:)
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I really like your color and think its very flattering on your skin sone. You can definitely get away with going even redder or even more copper. I like the contrast that you have going so make sure toad in color with foils to not cover up your existing dimension. As for the bangs, I really like those as well. I would go for a thicker section cut out as to fill in the swoop more. But if you are looking for a change, I think straight across would look really good on you and make your eyes stand out more. Connecting the bangs to the ends, creating face framing layers would look really good with longer layers. You may also want to consider more of a medium layer as this will help to disguise your extensions more. Ps. I like your eye make up but would suggest a more coral lip to really compliment your features.
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Thank you for your reply!I really like the hair style!Ya Im swaying more towards a deep brown now!:)What color dark brown do you think would be best to opt for?
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Your face looks oval....You could opt for a style similar to the photo attached. Your current color is so pretty. I think black would be too harsh but a deeper brown would look stunning with your green eyes! I attached a photo in the message below.....
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