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I just wanted to ask what color red is this? this is me in the picI tryed it out in the makeover app and really like it!I'm naturally dark so i find that when I do go red it never comes out as red or vibrant as I want it to be!Would I have to go blonde first to achieve this color or is there another way?
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The red looks very nice on you! Since you previously colored your hair before, I think you would have to bleach it in order to get it light enough to apply the red color.
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Yes unfortunately I have colored my hair a good bit so anytime I do try and red shades they alwaz fade really quickly and the dark roots alwaz show through so it alwaz looks like a reddish brown which is really annoying!:/i really like the color too its very vibrant but I think it goes well with my skins and eyes too!:)I may consider going a little darker because this is very vibrant and I don't want to go ginger!l def try the tips ye suggested and hopefully I'll finally get my desired red shade!:D
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Indeed pre lightening is necessary to achieve this true tone because you have to remove the dark stain for this copper to show up accurately. This is a coppery red and I would recommend trying L'Oreal mega reds to tone after lightening. Make sure to only lighten to an orange, copper red. If you go too light and end up blond your target shade will fade out very quickly. I agree it really looks great on you. Very flattering on your skin tone and draws out your eyes even more. I definitely like it better than the idea of going black (as suggested in a previous question of yours). Very nice choice!
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