Hair suggestions? any help counts :)

I've never dyed my hair bc it's so dark and so color really doesn't stick to it. I'm thinking of going lighter though (bleach) like a lighter brown color. Overall I just want a change. Suggestions regarding color and cut are helpful thanks :)
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I really like this and I think it'd look great on you!
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Great Cut & Ombre Haircolor
If your hair is virgin you can lift up to 4levels without having to use a bleach which is not only more flattering but less damaging as well. As for the cut, I would go ing with a choppers layer for added movement and bounce!
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Highlights would look really pretty! I wouldn't do bleach but some darker golden blonde highlights throughout would look nice....even a lighter brown like the pic attached would work.
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A warmer blonde or even highlights would look amazing on you!
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Bleaching your hair can actually ruin it if you do large ammounts. If you've never have had your hair color start off small by doing highlights, lowlights or even a peakaboo of blonde or other colors. Like you said you really just want a change.
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