Hair Growth.

Hair growth.

Does getting you're hair trimmed Once every month/Every other month really help it grow quiker?
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If you use heat styling, then you get lots of dead and split ends. Trimming your hair cuts those off and makes your hair look healthier and gives it some shine.
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Absolutely! Think of a bonsai tree. The more you trim the dead ends, the healthier the living thing (hair) believes it is stimulating more rapid growth.
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My hair always feels and looks healthier, so I like getting it trimmed every other month. Probably doesn't help it grow faster though. For that, you'd have to use a hair product to grow it like Ovation or Rogaine. Also, my friend took vitamins specifically for hair growth, and she said that she noticed a diff.
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yeah thats completely true but it also depends on the person
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Frequent trims help because they get rid of split ends and keep your hair healthy. But if you don't have a lot of split ends, then trims aren't going to do anything for you. The best way to make your hair grow faster is to keep it as healthy as possible! (:
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No. It doesn't make it grow faster, it just keeps it healthy while you're growing it out. If your hair is damaged, it will continue up the shaft and keep causing breakage. When you go to your hairdresser, tell her all you want it a "dusting". Then she will only remove the far ends, preserving your length.
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