hair grow longer in week?

Hair grow longer in week?

this girl on youtube grew her hair 3 inches in one week by putting olive oil on her scalp and waiting every single day. I want to know if it does work and I am asking for suggestions on growing my hair fast. super fast. and i would like to know how long it grows in a specific amount of time?
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Don't put any heat on it, use leave-in conditioners, and ingest more vitamins. Seriously. Having more protein and calcium in your diet helps grow longer hair.
Also, have you ever tried Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny serum? It's a bit expensive but there aren't any products like it and it makes your hair healthier and feel like silk.
I'd also recommend WEN conditioning system.
Hope this helps! (:
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On average, hair grows about half an inch a month, and a little more during the warm times; such as the Summer. I have never heard the olive oil thing before. It sounds like it would just make your hair very greasy; which is particularly bad if you already have acne. You're better off taking a multi-vitamin instead.
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On average, normal hair growth is around 1/2" in a month although some people produce hair faster than others. Olive oil is a good way to hydrate the scalp helping in promoting healthy hair growth but not necessarily faster. Using a good regimen of shampoo and conditioner is crucial. Bosley and Nioxin are a couple of my favorites. You can also find hair vitamins at your local health food store that will help to nourish and speed up gair growth. Trimming your hair is also crucial! Make sure you are removing any dry, damaged or split ends every 4-6wks for the most rapid hair growth possible.
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