Hair disaster hair stylists  please help

Hair disaster hair stylists please help

i really really need help urgently!I was talking about dying my hair the last while so I finally took the plunge and dyed it Liquorice black which is literally the same color as the black Liquorice sweets!!I used a semi permanent color creme gloss from Loreal the number is 100 Liquorice Black!I wish I had listened when people were telling me to stick with warmer colors cos this color is soooo far from that!Its not so much that it doesn't suit me its more that I hate the color it jus doesn't look nice!I have healthy hair so I want to know will a hair stripper strip the semi black dye or am I stuck with this?Once I strip it can I go for a red color?Any hair stylists out their please help!I have an important day coming up too!:(
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@dahlia_last_so... It came out a lot darker den I thought!The black just wasn't the black I wanted it was a really weird one so it looked terrible!Funny ting is got complimented on it and how it suited but I cudn't wait to get rid of it!I bought a really gud stripper yest and I stripped the color and it worked great and my hair is actually in btr condition now den it was beforehand which is great!:)I'm in the process of going back red but have to wait a week atleast before I can put in a new color!Black is not for me so won't b making that mistake again!:D
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Oh no, why doesn't it look nice? Do you think you'll get used to it over time? If not, then I'd take a trip to your stylist and have them do the stripping for you.
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thanks everyone for all of the advice and help!:) @bouquet sorry but I don't understand your language so I don't know what your comment reads!:/ I went to my local Boots chemist as I from Ireland and I picked up 'Adee Phelan' hair color remover!Its issued by a top hair stylist so I thought it was a good one to go with!It doesn't damage the hair it actually makes the hair stronger and healthier which is a bonus!:)I was freaking out big time yest thinking I'd find it really hard to get rid of the black but I had it n less then five mins and the black was non visible which is great!:)I'm still in the process of buffering etc but the black is gone and my hair doesn't feel dry or anything so I'm pleased with the product!I got a deep conditioner too that you leave it over night and can add to hair whenever it is in need of some beautification :DI bought a deep red color that I'm going to put in after its done and I reckon I might finally get a nice red after this process!I've def learned my lesson and will never be going near black again...but at the same time my build up of color is gone so I can finally achieve the red color I wanted ha I will def b sticking to the reds from now on no more dark colors!:DThanks again everyone :)
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buyuk ıhtımalle boyada kullanılan oksıjenli su miktarını ayarlayamıyorsundur. bu tek basına yapacagın bır ıs sımdılık degıl sacının olmesını ıstemıyorsan bı kuafore gıtmelısın ...
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What a bummer to have to put your hair through stripping it. It really is the only option though. You can but effasol over the counter at your local beauty supply and there are pretty specific instructions on how to mix depending on desired results. I would apply it to damp hair mixed with shampoo and continue to work it through making sure to keep the product moving. You may want to have a hand help mirror close so you can watch it lift. A red tone is a good target color for after removing black as you wont have to lift too high and the undertones will help hold the red in. I would not lift any higher than a coppery brown. Rinse hair and apply target red shade. I like the Lo'real Mega Reds (which you could also find at Sally's). Make sure to apply your red with a 10volume to deposit pimento only without causing even more dry or damages ends. You may want to get a trim after all these processed. Good luck to you!
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I used color oops on mine mine to remove a semi permanent blue. It worked good and was easy to use, didn't damage my hair either. You can find it everywhere Kmart is where I got it.
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I would see a stylist who specialized in color! Semi permanent isn't going to be to hard to get out of. However, it being a dark tone make take some effort to take out. But again I would see a stylist to help you and also condition and hydrate you hair right after.
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You need to make an appointment with a professional hairstylist. If you try to do anymore of it yourself at home, you'll be digging yourself deeper into a hole. If you're doing this yourself because of the cost, look for a cosmetology school in your area. There prices are extremely reasonable-about one third of the cost of a regular salon. Look for a cosmetology school on YELP with good reviews. Then you'd be able to get the expertise of the experienced instructors they have there.
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