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Hair colour

I have dyed blonde hair but all the peroxide is making it really dry at the ends, so i have been to dye it a light brown? shall i do it or stay blonde?!
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The best way to remove the dead and splitting ends it to cut them off. No matter what color you decide they will not go away without being cut off. If you decide to stick to blond make sure to trim regularly and to only apply to the regrowth. Make sure not to overlap onto previously pre lightened hair or ends.
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i also agree with @GoodFaith u should cut them to take off the dry hair
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I Agree with @GoodFaith ; )
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I would recommend you have a haircut to remove those dried out ends. Next time you color, try a henna cream. This is hair coloring made from plants and won't damage your hair. You can buy it on Amazon for $10
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well i would use a peroxide free dye (if thats possible) or just dye your hair less. go with whatever color you think is right, but wait before you dye your hair. use lots of conditioner, look for peroxide free dye, and wait before you dye it again.
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