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hey, i was just wondering if anyone can pull off blonde hair, i have dark dark hair. almost black. and im getting really tired of it. i want something different for the summer, so i wanted to go lighter, not quite blonde but like a meduim brown with lots of blonde highlights. will this flush me out or suite me?
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thanx everyone (: yours all so nice! <3
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I suggest you be careful with trying to do a blnde on that dark of hair.
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You should try it on a makeover. As long as you get the right tone of blonde. This website should be able to help you some more: http://www.thehairstyler.com/features/articles/hair-color/blonde-hair-colors-pale-skin

Or you can always get highlights or dip dye just and the end of you're hair to lighten it with out effecting all you're hair and it'll grow out quicker if you don't like it!!
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I think it would look cute and flattering on you as long as you don't have an excessive about blond. Instead, make sure to only use blonde pieces for accents and have more of the medium brown color showing through so that you don't become to washed out by the lightness. Be aware, stripping out black color can be tricky. Because of all the undertones, you will pull several different shades of red and copper and sometimes even gold. It is very hard to have a set target goal. Instead focus on budging the harsh die out and toning out the result to mute and reduce brightness. You will probably need to tone with a dark to medium ash blond to counter act all the warm you will be exposing.
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I think you would look great with chocolate brown hair and caramel or blonde highlights. You have beautiful eyes and light skin , so it will work. You would look good as a blonde as well, as long as it is a warmer tone of blonde. Good luck and have fun!
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i am with Depressed on this one! i love the dark hair... try putting some red or blue tone to it for a change
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No, it will not wash you out at all....I think a light brown would look lovely on you and really bring out your pretty eyes! Go for it, I'm sure it will look beautiful!
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I think it would be fine with your skin tone & eye color. Because your hair is so dark, don't do it at home yourself. Please do it at a salon, and if that's too expensive- look for a cosmetology school in your area. You would be getting the expertise of the instructors and they're prices are low.
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