Hair colour -black or ?

Please,could you advice if black would be a good colour for me? Or what colour would suit better?My hair has natural colour.
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Thanks a lot to all of you!:))Will not make a "black" move for the moment :))
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pretty hair colour! i love this colour for you!
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I think perhaps a lighter color would look good on you! It's really a personal choice, however, and I think you can rock a darker look if that is what you choose to do.
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I agree with @Aelspet23, stay brown but you could add some highlights & lowlights if you're looking for a change. Or even a nice reddish-brown?
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I think you would look great with a warm chestnut color in your hair. I would really flatter your pretty skin color as well as be very appropriate fort the flirty fun months to more. You can even add some golden blond highlights to your new 'do. Ps. All of a suggen, I want to hit up happy hour! LOL
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I don't think I would do black....I really like your natural color. You could even go lighter to a light brown. If you're looking for a change, I suggest something along the lines of the color in the photo attached. I think it would be really pretty with your coloring!
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Your natural colour is best in this case...it really makes the most of your eye colour and skin tone :)
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