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Hair color..

which color should i get? or stay like this?
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I really like your hair that color. I say keep it! :)
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This dark base really brings out your eyes and features. I so think however, because of the season, you can stand to add lighter pieces in throughout just for color contrast. I think a nice copper brown or caramel would really suit you well. You can add it in using a highlighting technique or even the Ombre. Implementing new tones to your look is always fun. Go for it!
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I love you're colour but if you did want a change I think a Red tone would look gorgeous, or you could do a dip dye and lighten the ends of you're hair.
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Audrina_Patridge_Fall 2010_hair_color_hairstyles-cropped-proto-custom_7
i think u should try some caramel highlits..because i have your type of hair and hreen eyes a white skin...and light brown now i'm yellow in hair because i take revlon 51 very pretty but it get very ((((((yellow 4 me...i advice u to take caramel highlits:)))))
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Your hair color is beautiful! You could always opt for deep carmel highlights for a change!
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Get a light brown like this pic
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i think that colour compliments your skin tone really well! however i really think if you desired change you could add some dark red lowlights! that would be a gorgeous look!
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