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Ok guys so Ive been deciding on a new hair color 4 ages and I finally decided to go dark!Iave a reddish color but Im bored of the lighter colors as they fade really quickly!I did alot of research online of people with pale skin green eyes and black skin and they seem to look great and alot think it makes you look more mysterious if yoy have green eyes!My eyes are the first ting people compliment as there pretty big and dark and that was one of the main reasons wanted to go dark to make them pop even more!My eye color is like a dark forest green however I wear a lighter green color contacts jus to make them even brighter and they look great!I bought a liquorish black color!I wanted to know if any of u av tried dis and how it came out??
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I have green eyes and I have been every color of the rainbow. It really comes down to the base of the color. For example, if you are going with a red tone, make sure that the base of the color is blue of violet. This will really make the green in the eyes really stand out and grab anyones attention. Complementary tones really make a difference on how your overall look is.
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I think the dark hair color will really make your green eyes stand out! Did you try the "Makeover" tool and try on a black hairstyle? That would be a great way to get an idea of what it will really look like. I think it will be pretty on you.....make sure to send us a picture!
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Unfortunately I have never personally tried it but your current color is pretty dark so I'm sure it will be just fun.
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meant to say black hair not black skin
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My current color is red not the color on the pic!
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