Hair color?

i was wondering what hair color would look best on me.. im a natural blonde but some people tell me i wouild look good with light brown hair.. just want more opinions.
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Light brown blond would be great and really bring out your beautiful blue eyes even more than they do naturally. Because of fall being right around the corner, I would co for a light to medium coppery brown. This would not only be trendy for the upcoming season but will help to give you a soft warm glow as well.
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You would suit brown hair, but I love your natural hair so in my opinion I think you should leave it like that. Your really pretty just the way you are :)
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broooown !!!!
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I love the blonde you have at the moment however if you want a change you could go for a beige blonde which I think would look amazing as it works with pale skin very well! =) x
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light blonde
YES got it right
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Wow you look lovely with blonde!! I think a honey blonde, dirty or caramel colour would look great on you. You could also try a light blonde- orange or red; kinda like this http://hair-craft.co.uk/files/red-hair_0.jpg I think those colours are cool and neat; they compliment your skin and eyes perfectly!!

Light brown would also be pretty cool on you with blonde highlights. =)
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I think that with your light skin and lovely blue eyes you would make a stunning redhead! Good luck!
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