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I'd like to do something drastically different to my hair and was thinking of going vanilla platinum. Based on my picture, do you think I could pull it off?
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try strawberry blonde i am sure it will suit you for sure.
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Because you are already so fair I think a more drastic option would be going a tad darker. A medium brown would really reflect good tones off your skin and look really flattering on you. Going a lighter shade of blond will not only dry the hair out and wash you out, it will also not look too different. Make sure your medium brown had warm and neutral undertones.
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I think a little deeper than vanilla platinum would look nice.....closer in color to the picture attached. Try using the "Makeover" tool and trying on some different shades of blonde!
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Platinum is too pale, it would wash you out with your skin tone. Even Vanilla may - I think you'd be better with a golden or ash blonde. Try taking a picture with your hair down and colouring it using the makeover tool. ;)
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There's no doubt you could pull it off but if you're looking for something drastic I think you'd be lovely with red hair.
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I'm not sure if I'd go for that light due to your pretty fair skin. I'd go for a darker blonde or even light brown.
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You're hair looks kind of that color now, so I think yeah, you probably could pull it off.
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