Going to the hairdressers next week...help!

Going to the hairdressers next week...help!

Ive been a variety of colours in the last year now my hair isnt taking kindly to it and I just want to be one colour now so Im getting it professionally done

Which one should I go for?




Or should I go back to this colour-

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The last two options didn't come up. Out of the first and section option, I like the second better. Pale light blond looks a lot better against your skin tone than the sandy blond from the first option.
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Oooh! I really like the color in the last photo! It's also a great quality photo! Go with the color you like most!
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I would go to a consultation with a hairdresser & discuss your options. They have the training to give you the best advice.
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just do what makes u happy and ask advice from your friends,if which hair color that looks better on u!dont always color your hair coz it makes hair dr y and thats also one reason why u will have loss hair..
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