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Edgy hair cut, yes or no?

currently I have long hair about 4 inches away from going past the boobs (or as my boyfriend says nearly a boob bra) but its layered and I don't think I want it any more I never really had a rebellious phase with hair and I'm only 21 so I think I can pull it off, I'm thinking of a posh spice bob but slightly longer fringe and a bit spiky at the back so slightly edgier. But I don't know if I will get bored or not but then again hair grows. do you think it is a good idea? or not?
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Yes!! That sounds like a pretty cool hair idea to try. I tried this about a year ago-and I think it would look great on you!! ^^

Here's a bit more of a layered punkish look:

If you want something edgier you could also go with an a line cut -elegant and unique
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I like it on you!! My only suggestion is to keep the hair slightly thicker at the ends, so it doesn't look stringy.
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I like this look. Here are some other ideas to consider:
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Although I completely understand your desire for a different look, I think longer hair would be more flattering with your features. It doesn't necessarily have to be long just a tad longer than in the picture. Also, the color seems to wash you out a bit. I would go for a medium chestnut brown or darker red for the color. Here are a few fun edgy suggestions that would suit you better.
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Im going to be honest. I think long hair suits you better!
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