Easy Hair Styles?

Easy hair styles?

Hey everyone! I have REALLY thick REALLY curly (actual curls!!) red hair, and when it dries it ust goes BOOF! Normally I just tie it up in a bun or ponytail, but I need other hair styles that I can use to tie my hair up, because if I leave it down it makes my face look fat. HELP ME PLEASE!!!
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Hey guys! Thanks! My hair is also only just as long as my shoulders, and it is too thick for me to straighten it. I put it up in a loose bun and a couple of guys told me that I looked hot! Thanks for all the other tips guys!!
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Try implementing braids to your styles! You can have so much fun with braids. Front bang braise, side french braid along the hairline into a side pony, waterfall into half up half done. The options are endless. A bow bun will also be a fun spin on a traditional bun look.
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have you ever tried straightening it? or does it not work? i think you should try straightening your hair.
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A messy, loose, beautiful bun with a few loose locks of hair hanging down your face perhaps?
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