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i want to dye my hair blonde but im brunette soim not sure what type of blonde will suit me can you help?
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I think a strawberry blond will accent your skin tone well. You can also leave really thin pieces of a medium caramel color intertwined to add contrast and to prevent your new color from looking too bright or overwhelming.
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you have such delicate features dont go with any blonde that will be braay yellow or red tones... the whole idea is too go with your skin tone r u warm or cool you can be fair yet warm if you have natural red or pink tones naturally in your skin in this photo you seem fair warm cheeks dark eyes = warm it is best too go onlt 2 shades lighter than your natural color also it helps eliminate real dark roots when the color fades out.. ash , beige bleach blond suits cool skin so you want a little warmer tones of blonde...honey, natural blonde, be cautious of med blondes and dark blondes as they run very dark look up shades of blonde on internet, skin tones etc and how to add colors to get what ya waqnt... if you go too dark it will look aging! im thinking maybe a light golden blonde you can always go lighter in stages if hair turns too brassy... green based shampoo tones red colors purple shampoos tone too yellow tones vinegar strips color some.. you are pretty now i wouldnt go too blonde hope this helps!
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Hey its Alana Blanchard um blonde wont go for you (not to be mean But) Unless #1 Get a tan #2 Style your hair itll help and #3 Change your style a bit Hope this helped Bye Bye xoxox
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I think a darker golden blonde would suit your coloring. You could also do some golden blonde highlights and keep some of your natural brown. Try using the "Makeover" tool for some ideas.....try on some different shades of blonde!
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