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Donating my hair, leaving up to 5 inches in front and 7 inches in back. what style should i cut it?

HELP PLEASE! What hair style can I have with only 5 inch long hair? I am short and curvy, with a square face.
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try the octopus cut..i think it's the best for you..
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What a generous offer. You will definitely make some one very happy with those amazing locks of yours. I would go for a longer elevated bob. This will enable you to leave more length around the face so that your new style is easier to adjust to. Allowing the fronts to remain longer will also help to balance out your face shape. Normally it is more flattering to have the front longer than the back or else it can tent to look a bit on the mullet side. Once you have got your length established, you can always add long layers as well as stack the nape area for added style.
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You could do something like the pic attached, even angling it some more. A more severe side bang would look cute with this style too.
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I think that is so wonderful of you to donate your hair to a good cause. It's summer and short hair is so much easier to manager. I think you'd look very cute with a bob like Katie Homes. Print it off & tell your hairdresser it's what you want.
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