Does temporary hair dye fade? how soon?

When I say fade I mean like completely like hair is back to normal original color. I want to try dying my hair but without any commitment. I don't want the messiness of spray of 1 day dyes. If you know a brand that has vibrant colors (red, pink) is temporary and fade completely put that in too.
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It usually depends on the type of brand. I do know for the most part usually 6-12 weeks can be expected.
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Yes they are temporary there is no way out to stick those colors to your hair permanently even if you get your hair bleached and then apply them then also it will wash away in a few weeks............
AND as far as my knowledge no brand makes dyes which fade out completely so if you want it to fade out completely use a clarifying shampoo and rinse your hair with vinegar.You can also sit in sun for long to take the color away
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The problem with the vibrant colors are that they usually require pre lightening. Once applied, they will start to fade with the first wash and continue to every time there after. Once they fade completely out (some colors will leave behind a faint cast of tone) you will be back to your pre lightened hair not your natural. There is no way to make vibrant colors permanent. You would have to add neutral (brown) and this would change the original vibrant tone. So unfortunately they are all temporary no matter the line used.
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