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Does my brown eye and blonde hair combination work for my skin tone?

My natural hair color is medium brown, my eye color is medium brown, and my skin tone is olive to dark depending on the season. I have recently had my stylist give me Aveda blonde highlights, and she has gradually increased the lightness and intensity of the color over the last 14 months. I am very pleased with the look, but my mother and sister criticize the look every time they see me. I know they'll always give me their honest opinion. I have had friends, acquaintances, etc. tell me they like it although I understand they may just be being polite. I want to ask an hair color/image expert their honest opinion because I don't want to continue the highlights if it's not a good look for me. Please advise. I trust the professionals.
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The tones are suiting but it is beginning to look a bit solid on the top. Adding lowlights of the same color as the underneath part would really help add detention and color around your face. It will look more natural and soft without losing the level of lightness.
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I like it but I will say this.....I think you need some more brown on top, it needs to tie together more. I would darken your brows to. Some brown pieces through the bangs would look great!
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I think it looks great and I think it's moms and sisters jobs TO criticize. You have to take it with a grain of salt and decide if it's what YOU love.
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It looks fine, but it would enhance your eyes and undertones- to have your hairdresser add a few warmer & slightly darker lowlites. It's funny, I can always count on my mom & sis to give me hell about all the little things. What can you do, right? LOL
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Yes, I think it does.
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I think it looks fantastic. I don't know if maybe your mom and sister just liked the darker better? But I definitely thinks it suits your skin tone.
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