Do you recommend me dye my hair blond?

Actually I'm light brunette, but it isn't my natural color (i'm darker than that). I was thinking about dyeing my hair but i'm afraid of damaging my hair a lot. After seeing my photo (it is actual), do you recommend me dying blond?

(sorry for my english, i'm from spain)
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El tinte que tienes ahora te queda muy bien. Y en mi opinion te verias mejor con un tono rojizo o anaranjado, pero si quieres teñirtelo primero debes despigmentar el cabello utilizando productos decolorantes.
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I think blond would look good on you as long as it is more demential and less solid. I would go in with a heavy highlight and go for a golden blond target shade. This will give the illation of a blonde look without overwhelming and over processing. If more lightness is required, go in with another full head when its time for a touch up and make sure to deep condition your hair in between both visits to replenish the moisture loss. Continue to do full heads until you reach your desired amour of blond then maintain with partial for the root touch ups. Once you have reached your desired lightness it is only necessary to do a full head a couple times a year to touch up the rood throughout the entire head. Don't forget to trim your ends regularly (every 4-6weeks) to remove any dry or damaged ends.
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blonde damages hair!!
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No, I wouldn't recommend you dye your hair. Especially not if you're worried about damage. :)
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Order Surya Henna cream in a blonde shade from Amazon.
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i think so go for it blonde will look nice on you and u also have the skin tone for it
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