Good style for a wedding?

Do you like this for a wedding?

My niece is getting married and we have been looking at so many different styles. I love this look, just putting talk your hair up. What do you think? Ultimately, naturally the choice is hers but I am just looking for some thoughts.
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I love it! I am getting married in 8 weeks to. So I know how she feels! congrats. This is a good one. Just make sure it matches the dress ;)
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This style is beautiful! I love the curls twisting down her back! This style is also really really pretty without being overly complicated! Congratulations to your niece!
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Beautiful! sexy and seductive yet romantic and soft. I think its perfect! If you want to jazz it up a tiny bit more try incorporating a lose french braid up the side or somewhere in the top half. What a great aunt you are!
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This is really pretty .....I like that it's not too overdone looking. I like the back down, you could even soften the top a bit. I love the soft, beachy curls for a bride, so much better than those ringlets! Very good look!
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i totally like it! it's not to complicated and not too simple at the same time! it suit for a wedding.
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gorgeous! love it :) the imp thing however is that it will look good with the dress she will ve wearing. it is very imp to create a hairstyle matching the dress. if anything, the whhole hair could be pinned up gently with the rest of the hair. that would also look great and soft :)
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I LOVE that look when i get my hair it will be in a updo like this.
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I like it, I will show my niece.
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i love this look very much look at that style ? what do you think ?
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