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Do my current blonde highlights/brown lowlihghts work with my brown eyes and skin color?

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I really like the color of your hair and how well it goes with your complexion! :)
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YES! they certainly do. Enjoy them
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Because of the way your stylist/ or you did them it gives off a very defined ombre look. That style is in now! But be careful because if the contrast between the two is too defined , the lighter color will wash you out and the darker color will make your hair look weighted and bulky!
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having highlights and a deeper richer brown tone would be nice. you would be able to play up or soften your look that way too. It would work well with your skin tone.
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Yes! I agree with @Brianna though......add some of the brown throughout the top to tie together.
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It looks good! You could even add some pieces of the darker bottom color in through the top blond color, just to tie them together a little more. Both light and medium tones are very complimentary against your skin tone. I really like the beige blond on you!
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