Do i suit this blonde hair (real)

okay so you may or may not know that I used to have my hair brown and I've also had it brown, black, red but I decided to bleach (went over this) then a few months later I dyed it blonde so I'm asking if I suit it?x
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It doesn't look bad. Id nourish you hair with conditioning treatments for a couple months though until it get stronger then go over it one more time to eliminate the golden warm tones. You can also go over with a full head of highlights to create a more dimensional look rather than so solid ad all over color.
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Check out these shades:
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I think you do suit blonde, but in my opinion I think you'd look cute with Light brown hair? Or dark brown, either one I guess. Hope I helped a little(:
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Your blonde hair might be a little too light for you, I would recommend either working in some lowlights or having a toner put over it. Otherwise, you're a very pretty girl!
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i think you should keep brown but its really your choice
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